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Designed for majors and minors in information and computer science and students who decide to fulfill their COS core requirement in programming. This course introduces the student to a general methodology for computer programming. Course content includes problem solving techniques, algorithm development, structured and object oriented programming methodology, pseudo-code, data types, selection, iteration, and arrays. Elementary file structures are also examined. Algorithm development in the course will be implemented in the Java programming language. This course is rigorous. Students enrolling should be fully committed to the development of computer programming skills. Four units.

Instructor: Dr. Hunt
Office: Mills 145
Phone: x1534

Times and Places

Lecture MWF 9am – 9:50am Mills 150
Lab Section 1 Thursday 9:30am – 10:45pm Mills 150
Lab Section 2 Thursday 4pm – 5:15pm Mills 150
Official Office hours M 3pm – 5pm Mills 145, but usually available business hours Mills 145

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Book - Think Java


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